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Information logistics deals with the flow of information between humans and or machines, within or between any number of organisations.

Our customers demand that Interknox deliver the right product, consisting of the right information element, in the right format, at the right place at the right time for the right people at the right price.

Typically our cusomers use the information we provide to improve profit margins, increase revenue growth, control costs and improve customer satisfaction.


Data Capture

Secure human data capture using web pages, Android and Windows smart devices.

Secure machine data capture and control using androidthings and WindowsIoT.

Data Storage

Secure hosting, data storage, cleansing and analysis of hundreds of millions of records.


Secure, reliable information synchronisation platforms.

Secure interfaces to third party and legacy systems a speciality.


Secure data driven, drill down reporting with graphs and charts.


Fast, flexible and personal services with free Email support.


A windows CE solution for fresh produce labour and production management.

A complete RFID based solution for Walmart to track fresh produce from packhouse receipt to store delivery.

A complete sales force data capture and reporting solution that recorded thousands of daily visits to UK stores by on behalf of brands like Heinz, Birds Eye, Coke, Pepsi etc.

A Customer Resource Management (CRM) mobile solution for Android Tablets.

A Sales Order Processing (SOP) and stock management solutions for Windows and Android Phones.

A Bicycle Hire Station auditing solution for Android tablets.

A CRM system for Apple iPads and Mac laptops.

A transportation Mystery Shopper questionnaire solution for android phones.

A transnational CRM and SOP system for Windows Phone.

Accident avoidance/recording ASP.NET website to record incidents involving their personnel.

An Internet of Things (IoT) solution with face recognition detection to capture how many people are looking at Sky TV.

A covert video recording of disabled facilities in use for travel around London using IoT technology.

A Big-Data solution to support a new company supplying information to the hospitality sector as it evolves using ASP.Net websites and SQL Server storage.

A medical charity Android tablet solution to provide support for professionals as they travel to various “workshops” discussing and making recommendations on the public health.

An IoT solution using Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags, which enables the tracking of Point of Sale (POS) material in store.

A complete Android phone and web based traceability solution using NFC Tags to track fish from the boat through the full supply chain to the retail outlet.


Secure information logistic services is the reason Interknox exists.

Interknox have designed a unique, secure hosting environment and interfaces, so that your information is safe with us.

All our employees are UK based, have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and have passed stringent security checks. We do not employ contractors.

Direct access to our secure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protected servers is limited to Interknox employees only.


Norrie Dickson

"Since 1999, MO interactive have supplied diverse, bespoke mobile systems to major brand owners in several market sectors.

Interknox provides a complete service using the best technology available, from initial design of screens, databases and information logistics through to the finalisation of scalable drill down reporting and on-going support; Interknox provides it all. Some of our client's need to analyse 'Big-Data' and again Interknox excel in providing a complete solution with scheduled imports, data cleansing, attribution and custom reporting"

Darroch Bagshaw

“As a new business we were able to build up a secure and stable infrastructure rapidly, by deploying INTERKNOX systems at our 'back end'

This decision meant we could concentrate our own resources on the business 'front end' from day one. This freed us up to focus on getting close to our customers’ needs and provide the analysis and reporting work they want from us. At the same time we were confident that data capture, storage, security and backup are all taken care of.

The INTERKNOX team are accessible, responsive, experienced and innovative. Their access to new technologies is also showing real opportunities to do what we want, faster, cheaper, better. I would recommend any business looking for this kind of approach to speak to them”

Phil Gibson President Resiliensea

"Interknox built the front end user interface for our customers, who are able to continue using their existing Android mobile devices. Users are now tracking catches from ocean boats to our food service and grocery channel customers. The desktop and back end service layers allow us to consolidate active data for analysis and reporting"

Gary Smith EVP Americas

"The Interknox team put us two years ahead of competition when they moved us out of deploying our V1 & V2 software into the mobile, cloud service we now deploy.
They are great innovators"

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